Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Headphone Review


Something very common, that any product with high price could be great in quality too which is somehow true. But, there are also such products in market which give you both quality and affordability. This time we have picked the Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphone for a review. Only a few number of us are acquainted with the company and brand name. It is a Chinese based company that provides professional audio and wireless communication solutions and produces some of the nice wireless headphones and other electronic devices. Bluedio has been spread out to more than 150 countries, owned more than 30 patents . The On-Ear Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones is a multi-function and cost effective headphone with a very elegant design and comfortable wearing that lets you enjoy your music with best audio quality and long lasting battery life. Let’s read more.


Bluedio T3In The Box

– Bluedio T3 Bluetooth Headphone
– 3.5 mm audio cable
– USB charging cable
– Drawstring carry bag
– User manual





Design & Features

The Bluedio T3 headphone is an On-Ear headphone with 57 mm titanizing diaphragm and built in microphone furnished with high quality materials that guarantees longevity. It has an alloy frame which allows the headphone to be super durable and strong. It measures 4.96 x 6.26 x 3.07 inches and weighs 0.86 lb which is not too heavy for longer wearing and portability. The ear cups of the headphone are padded with memory foam which is rich in protein. They are very soft and ensures long-wearing comfort and can be folded inward for easy storage and movement. The earcups can be also rotated by 10 degrees to best fit your facial form. The headband features the same soft touch foam material, cushioning your head from the solid band. Overall, it is a very flexible device with a nice look.

All control buttons are located on the right earcup. Very easy and convenient Controls. The power On/Off button is on the center which also turns on the bluetooth by pressing and holding it for extra seconds. You can turn on the device by pressing and holding the button right down in the right earcup of the headphone. A sound will prompt and notify you that the device is turned on. Right press will increase and left press will decrease the volume. You can press the Vol+/Vol- button once to adjust volume and Press and hold the Vol+/Vol- button to select tracks. The USB charging port is on the right earcup and the Aux port is on the left earcup. Very straightforward.

Bluedio T3 Headphone

The headphone features great sound isolation which is excellent for use in noisy environments. It is able to block out the outside noise and lets you enjoy your playback in details. Another feature includes the new 3D sound effect that’s available when using the headphones via Bluetooth mode. You can activate it by pressing the center and Vol+ buttons at the same time (and deactivated by pressing the center and vol- buttons). This feature adds a lively and stirring experience, especially for movies. An added value.

Another great feature is the line-in support, that allows you to use the Bluedio T3 as a normal headphone if you want to use them with a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth. This is particularly useful if you’ve forgotten to charge it’s batteries.


Sound & Performance

Now to the most important part – how is the sound and performance? This headphone delivers a dynamic sound with very powerful extra bass. Bluedio T3 definitely are on the bassier side of headphones and it also gets very loud. It makes you hear every beat every word. We rate it above average in sound while high on Bass.

Using the 3D feature gives you a bit feeling that the music and sound come from all directions that is exactly what 3D sound is intended to offer, while it does not add much difference in sound quality. Still a great feature to consider. The condenser Microphone with a sensitivity of 42dB makes sure that you sound very clear while talking on phone calls. In terms of sound and performance with the given price, it works excellent and listening music would be fun with it.

You can use the headphone both wirelessly and in wired mode. In terms of audio quality, you will not hear any difference between the Bluetooth and 3.5mm connections.



Bluedio T3 Headphone


Okay, another important part is the battery life. Company claims of up to 20 hours of playback and talk time on a single charge. Which is great. While the battery life still depends on your volume level, 3D feature use and types of music you listen to. It only takes 2 full hours to fully charge the device and its ready to go. Overall, based on research, use and users’ reviews, the battery performance is satisfactory.


Bluedio T3 uses Bluetooh 4.1 version technology with the operation range of up to 33 feet which is awesome. Both sound quality and connection are solid while using via Bluetooth. The pairing process is very simple and straightforward. With the unit turned off, hold the power button down until the unit enters in pairing mode. After selecting the T3 in your device Bluetooth menu, the headphone will confirm its connected and you’re ready to go and use it.



The Bluedio T3 3rd generation of turbine headphone, is engineered and designed to sound better, to last for a very long time and to offer a reasonable price. The 57mm drivers provides powerful bass and clear and dynamic sound. Besides, the alloy frame ensures its long durability. All those make it a high-quality and cost-effective headphone. Based on our review, the only drawback is that it would be a bit pressing after longer use and a bit sweaty too in case you use it for workout at the gym. Other than these, it is just an excellent pair of headphone you can pick for a best value.



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  • Design - 8.5/10
  • Sound Quality - 8.5/10
  • Features - 8.5/10
  • Price - 9/10

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