AKG N60 Noise Canceling Headphone Review




What is AKG N60?

The AKG N60 is a wired On-the ear headphone attractively designed for those who love listening to music for extra hours while traveling long distances or working out in the gym. The headphone has an outstanding sound quality, is portable, flexible, comfortable, light and also features active noise cancellation, which helps knock down the unwanted ambient noise. AKG N60 is is not a wireless headphone, but the wires ensures delivery of an outstanding sound quality.

The latest given price tag ($199.95) seems to be a lot to pay, while we assure you that this pair of headphone simply worth that money. It is among our best picks and we say, an excellent product that gives value for money. Let’s read more in the review.

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Best Smartwatches of 2017 Review

Best Smartwatches 2017

The Best Smartwatches you can get now..

Smartwatches have become one of the important accessories of the smartphones nowadays. Knowing time, getting your messages, notifications and reading your emails right in your wrist is something everyone want. The best part is that with their multi-function features, you can perform several activities such as search on the internet with your voice, tracking your exercises and even making payment without touching your wallet. Check out our top picks of The Best Smartwatches you can get in 2017. Quality and affordability are both considered.

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Beats X Review



BeatsX – Your everyday music companion

The wait is finally over after almost six months since it was announced and here comes the long waiting Beats X from Beats and Apple. This is the latest In-Ear Headphone from the companies which is made available on February 10 in the market. The Earphone is neck-band style in-ears with Apple’s W1 chip for seamless, quick pairing with iOS devices with improved wireless connectivity. It is designed beautifully for your workout and other wireless activities with 8 hours of battery life. Let’s find more in the review about its features, sound, price and performance.

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Jabra Move Wireless Headphone Review

Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headphone


Picking a solid wireless headphone under 100 bucks with great sound quality could be a bit difficult decision. There is one of them that you can consider. The best selling wireless headphone from Jabra. Use it listening to your playbacks on the couch or at the gym, the headphone is a good multi-function player. Delivers a balanced and clear sound quality, got a minimalistic design with solid construction, wireless and wired modes use, comfortable earcups and adjustable and friendly headband with a reasonable price tag. Ranks among one of the Best Affordable Wireless Headphones you can pick in the market. Let’s check it out.

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Best Earphones under $50

Best Earphones under $50

Best Earphones under $50

Are you looking for a Best Cheap Earphone? Should be wondering which one to pick! No worries, we have managed to prepare a collection of top 10 Best Earphones under $50 to help you find and pick the best one that matches your budget and need. All of the items listed are a great combination of build quality, durability, comfort and most of all outstanding sound quality. To be clear, we are sure enough to say that these are the best cheap earphones you can buy right now in the market and all models picked are great value for money. The review is prepared based on personal use, tests, deep research and many positive feedback from customers.  Let’s have a look at them:

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Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Review



MDRZX770BT Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is another great and affordable product in Sony’s headphones line up. The Over-the-Ear headphone is solely wireless and features crisp and clear standard sound quality, up to 17 hours of music playback, long wearing comfort, and other features. How it performs and does it give a great value for your money, lets find it out.

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Samsung HW-K450 Wireless Audio Soundbar Review

Samsung HW-K450


The HW-K450 is Samsung’s another budget-friendly mid-range 2.1 channel wireless audio sound bar with great and clear sound quality which adds excellent audio experience to your TV. The included Subwoofer connects wirelessly to the sound bar and boosts the bass to deliver the real and solid audio. How it sounds and performs and does it worth buying, then let’s find out.

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Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Headphone Review

Bluedio T3


Something very common, that any product with high price could be great in quality too which is somehow true. But, there are also such products in market which give you both quality and affordability. This time we have picked the Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphone for a review. Only a few number of us are acquainted with the company and brand name. It is a Chinese based company that provides professional audio and wireless communication solutions and produces some of the nice wireless headphones and other electronic devices. Bluedio has been spread out to more than 150 countries, owned more than 30 patents . The On-Ear Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones is a multi-function and cost effective headphone with a very elegant design and comfortable wearing that lets you enjoy your music with best audio quality and long lasting battery life. Let’s read more.

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VIZIO Smartcast 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

VIZIO Smartcast 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar


Founded in 2002, Vizio entered the electronic market by producing some of the best Sound systems, TVs, tablets, ultrabooks and other electronic devices. This time, we have picked the VIZIO Smartcast 38” 2.1 Sound Bar System for a review. The 38″ 2.1 Channel Sound bar is a great device with outstanding sound quality and features which can turn your living room into a personal home theater and lets you enjoy the movies and musics of your choice in full details. The included wireless subwoofer delivers a room-filling audio experience with deep bass, and the built-in Bluetooth in the device allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your tablets or mobile devices for more fun. VIZIO Smartcast 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar is number 1 Bestseller Sound Bar in Amazon. 

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Beats Pill Plus Review

Beats Pill Plus



The Beats Pill+ is a compact wireless speaker packed with incredible sound, attractive design, longer battery life, and other great features. The speaker is different comparing to the Pill and Pill 2.0 which came earlier in market. It is the smallest speaker from the Beats but it sounds bigger than its size. With several number of other competitor of its range in the market, the speaker stands as one of the Best Compact Bluetooth wireless speaker to date.

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