Difference between Bluetooth and Wireless

Still confused, no problem. To better understand the difference between Bluetooth and Wireless, lets get to know each of them separately.

Difference between Bluetooth and WirelessWireless

Wireless is a wider term that covers all communications which employ electromagnetic waves. This includes radios, satellites, GPS, and others. But when most people say wireless, they are often referring to wireless networking or better known as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth each have their own uses. Wireless is used to connect a computer to a network while Bluetooth is generally used to connect to devices together in order to facilitate the transfer of information. It could be a phone sending a small file to another phone or a laptop or to a stereo Bluetooth headset.

Wi-Fi provides high-speed access to the Internet. It enables setting up a network or printing and transferring files. It is also a wireless standard, but rather than being designed to communicated between devices, it serves to wirelessly connect devices to the Internet or Ethernet networks

There are noticeable differences between wireless and Bluetooth when it comes to speed and coverage (range). As Bluetooth is mostly used for communicating between two devices only, its range can’t go beyond a few meters (Class A devices are exception). With wireless, a greater range is better since it would allow for greater mobility to those devices that are connected to the router. Speed is also essential for wireless networking as it means faster transfer of files and more users that can be accommodated at once.

Difference between Bluetooth and WirelessBluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that is used to exchange data over short distances (up to or less than 30 feet), usually between personal mobile devices. It was developed to supersede Infrared technology. A Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone is able to communicate with other Bluetooth devices, such asMP3 Players, Printers, Headphones, speakers, GPS receivers, game console controllers, and a many other devices and it also used as replacement of messy cables to connect those devices. You can even sync your PC and your phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is often treated as standard. Bluetooth does not really require much bandwidth to transfer files since the amount of data that is usually being transmitted is very low. Bluetooth is much cheaper than Wireless when coming to implementation. The recent and updated version of Bluetooth in use is V 5.0.


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